• Mike Pellerin

Practice Areas and Driving Range

In order to provide you the best conditions we can here is a quick reminder on proper usage of our practice facilities.

Driving Range

I’ve included a picture of how to properly take divots on the range deck. It is the only way to take divots on the range! Please watch the video from the USGA which explains the pattern all golfers should be using while practicing on the range. This allows for a quicker heal in, less surface disruption and less repair. Your co-operation is appreciated.


  1. Hit from the designated hitting area. Just because there is an open deck does not mean it is open. Tee blocks and dividers will indicate the hitting area for the day.

  2. Do not park power carts on the tee decks. Please keep them on the paths or shoulder of the road.

  3. Always use the correct divot technique.

A final note on the practice greens. Please do not use range balls on the putting greens. If you need to practice your chipping, there is a practice green to the right of the range decks.

Mike Pellerin, MS

Golf Course Superintendent

Saugeen Golf Club


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