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Rules of the Road

"Golfers can get an awful lot of instruction in the game. How to swing, how to think, how to follow the Rules (hey, just because they CAN get it doesn’t mean they DO). But one critical skill that no one teaches is how to drive a golf cart — or more correct, a golf car.

Put a golfer in a golf cart and he thinks he’s Mario Andretti or Dale Earnhardt Jr. They get just as interested in making donuts as making birdies, and pay little attention to one another let alone the golf course and its maintenance...." Tim Moraghan, principal, ASPIRE Golf

We found the above article, Rules of the Road, in the October, 2018 edition of Golf Course Industry...made us smile, and nod our heads and thought you would enjoy the share! To read the article in its entirety, click on this link and enjoy!! sure to read What YOU Should Know...When asked of Mike Pellerin what was the most important to him, he responded #9 AND would add a #14 for SGC - Keep carts out of the fescue and naturalized areas!!

Rules of the Road

What YOU Should Know About Driving a Golf Cart


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