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Greeting to all of you “can’t wait” golfers!! Ah yes, the beginning of the new season. We all start off with such great hope and enthusiasm to improve over the past year’s performances and a desire to maintain that level of play throughout the year. Well, the first requirement to a great start in golf is proper preparation.

Here are a few tips to help you all with this. First of all, get ready physically. In order to move the golf club around the body efficiently, make sure you are improving and maintaining your body’s flexibility on a regular basis. Do a lot of stretching exercises to improve your range of motion. You can add small weights to your exercise routines. Caution! Do not overindulge or use too much added weight. Avoid the possibility of injury. If you damage tendons and muscles, you may jeopardize your entire golf season. Go to your computer and find a selection of choices on the internet or Google golf stretching exercises.

Secondly, prepare yourself mentally! We all know how much the golf swing can be affected by negative thought impulses. You must create a positive and confident mental state of mind before and during the event of the swing.

Lastly, my best piece of advice is to come and see me on the range. I can guarantee your improvement! Please visit my program brochure to find a program that suits you and sign up for my Spring Refresher Series coming soon.

Jerry Noga, PGC of Canada

Director of Golf Instruction

Saugeen Golf Club

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