Fun Night Out

A Monthly Night Out With Friends!

Friday Fun Nights!

The Social Committee is working on a great 2018 Friday fun night format that will engage Saugeen existing members and their guests. This year will see a changed format where focus is on affordable fun to be shared with members and guests alike. You can come out to one of our 5 events as noted on the links calendar as a couple, group or any number and we will work you into a team, singles are welcome. We are planning the teams to be 4 people. The night’s competition will likely vary from one week to the next.  


The golf will be focused on social and light-hearted fun. Meals will be well prepared by our great food and beverage group with a focus on affordability. Please think of bringing family, social friends and neighbours who would like to enjoy a fun evening and tasty meal at Saugeen. There will always be prizes awarded for fun golf goals. Got a friend who is not a golfer? This is the event for them as form and style are optional, but fun is mandatory.

See you on the course!